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With The Latest Technologies

With more than 25 years of experience, our team can assist you in transforming your business via modern technology into being more efficient, attractive, enjoyable, and profitable!

E-commerce is the mainstream of sales, and we have the knowledge and tools to bring your online sales into the future!

Out team brings the latest tech to your business with customer management solutions, product inventory applications, issues management, software development, and much more!

We also offer on-site technical support in the Space Coast, Brevard County, Florida.

Let us help you handle the day to day technical needs of your business so you can enjoy being in business!

Contact us today for free to discuss you business needs and solutions! We are here to serve you!

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Our Services

We provide perfect IT Solutions for your business! And we do so in a timely, professional manner!

24/7 Technical Support Services!

Let us handle the technical challenges of your business so you can focus on your business.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to solve your problems quickly!

Cloud Hosting and Management

With 25+ years of experience in internet services, we know business needs and how to implement it!
Web hosting, email, domains, and payment processing, just to name a few!

Cyber Security and Data Protection

We secure your network, data storage, and cloud services providing the best defense, so your business doesn't become a victim of cyber theft!
Don't become one of the businesses you read about in the news for the wrong reason!

Support Ticket Systems and Live Chat

The latest in support systems and applications at your disposal! Make your customer support experience flawless!
Engage your customers with Live Chat, increasing your reach and improve your customer experience.

Ecommerce Solutions and Support

Installation, implementation and support for many shopping solutions such as OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Google.

Wordpress, Social Media, Blogs

Implementation, support, and custom development for WordPress, Drupal, Facebook, Twitter, Instatram, and more!

Need a custom solution? Tafoya Ventures has the solution a you!

Custom Software Solutions

Improve you business workflow with a software solution that fits your needs to the 'T'!

Inventory Control - Customer Relations Management - Support - Issue tracking.

Onsite and Remote Network Support

Our team offers onsite computer repairs, networking, internet access support, and electronic device training and setup.

We are there when you need us! Support contracts are available!

Dimitri Ponomareff
Dimitri PonomareffCEO at Kanban Zone
Read More
Brian is highly effective and achieves results when confronted with major responsibilities and limited resources. He also demonstrates a high degree of originality and creativity. When faced with a tough technical issue, Brian was an obvious choice.
Leslie B
Leslie B
Read More
Brian is a very gifted and focused developer. Any organization or project would be lucky to have him.
Cory Lamlie
Cory LamlieDirector of Operations
Read More
Working with Brian was a great experiance! Brian has the ability to engineer software very rapidly and works under pressure very well. He has a huge depth of knowledge relating to hardware and software alike. He is extremely easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend Brian to any company, and would love the chance to work with him again.
Steve Hahz
Steve HahzOwner and Licensed Real Estate Broker/Investment Specialist at Roatan Life Real Estate
Read More
We've used Brian for a variety of small and medium sized projects and I'd heartily recommend him. He's fast, good and his work is reasonably priced.
Jessie Castro
Jessie CastroCEO | Author | Cybersecurity EXPERT
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I have worked with Brian both as a colleague and partner. His vast knowledge and innovative thinking will help anyone in need of immediate or long term results. Brian is a trustworthy and caring individual. I recommend Brian because he truly cares about what he is doing.
Jodi Juretich
Jodi JuretichValues Driven Finance and HR Executive, Retired
Read More
Brian is in the elite group of IT professionals who understands the entire business model. Brian joined the company at a time of explosive growth and quickly expanded the IT infrastructure to support the current and future growth of the company. Brian was instrumental in selecting, installing and implementing our ERP system. Brian is customer focused to both internal and external customers and I enjoyed working with Brian. Brian is an asset to any organization both in his technical skills and people skills.
Chris Hewitt
Chris HewittDirector of Digital Media Strategy at Jellyfish
Read More
Brian is in a rare category of technical professionals that can bridge the gap between ‘the business’ and ‘IT’ components of an organization; combining an excellent technical skill set with the ability to solution complex business needs and problems. These abilities allow Brian to work as an active participant in shaping projects and strategies across a broad spectrum of topics. I was consistently impressed with Brian’s dedication to his work and the success of his team; he is a solid contributor with a great attitude and a positive approach to his work.